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NIOA Pastoral Company

With a focus of high performance polled cattle that retain power and soundness that the Santa Gertrudis breed is renowned for, females have been sources from studs including: Goolagong, Glenn Oaks, Gyranda, Talgai, Riverslea and Yulgilbar.

Only being a relatively small stud, an impact sire was needed to ensure the best quality of calves were hitting the ground every season. Thus, Wave Hill Jager J14 was purchased for the equal top price of $67,500 at the 2014 Santa Central Sale. Wave Hill Jager J14 was Senior and Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis bull at the 2014 Brisbane Exhibition.

With an outstanding show career behind him, W.H. Jager J14 is exceeding our expectations in the stud. The first crop of calves have been weaned and sons will sell in 2018.

Wave Hill Jager J14 (PS) Wave Hill Jager J14 (PS) Click HERE for EBV.
Grand Champion at the Royal Qld Show 2015.
Gyranda Karma K113 Gyranda Karma K113 Click HERE for EBV
Riverslea H35 Riverslea H35 Click HERE for EBV.
Talgai G57 (P) Talgai G57 (P) Click HERE for EBV.
Talgai I29 (P) Talgai I29 (P) Click HERE for EBV.
Yugilbar E045 (P) Yugilbar E045 (P) Click HERE for EBV.
Talgai G53 (P) Talgai G53 (P) Click HERE for EBV.
NIOA L02 (P) NIOA L02 (P) Click HERE for EBV.
NIOA Ultra M05 (P) NIOA Ultra M05 (P) Click HERE for EBV.