12 December 2017

Hello and welcome to NIOA’s monthly newsletter.

November saw some good rain on the Darling Downs although patchy in places. It was much needed and welcomed by all in the farming community. Here at Nioa we were appreciative of the rain with our crop of chick peas being a bit late flowing, they still benefited from the rain.

Since the purchase of the property in 2013 we have continually worked to improve the condition of the soil and pasture working closely with Breelong Agri Services and their agronomists to maximise the full potential of the property. Now in our fourth year, we are starting to see good results with tropical pasture and annual winter fodder crops.

November and December have been keeping us busy with the second round of our A.I. program, time consuming with early mornings and late nights to add to the daily duties of farming. This season has seen our second drop of Wave Hill Jager calves and we are excited about the consistency of his progeny with type and temperament.

We look forward to 2018 and the challenges that lay before us. To all the people we have met and who have helped us in the last 12 months, Thank you.

From all of us here at Nioa Pastoral Company we wish you a Merry and safe Christmas and all the best for the new Year

Until next time, take care.

Shannon Gardner.

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