18 November 2019

Welcome to another update from NIOA SANTA GERTRUDIS. Last weekend saw us take a new Show Team to the North Coast National, Lismore, NSW, This was our second showing in 3 years and we came away with great results.

Junior Bulls, 12-16 mths.

1st, Nioa Pace Setter P14
2nd, Nioa Prison Guard P25 (ET)(P)
3rd Nioa Poseidon P24 (ET)(P)

Junior and Grand Champion Bull
Nioa Pace Setter P14
Reserve Junior Champion Bull
Nioa Prison Guard P25 (ET)(P)

Junior Heifers, 12-16 mths

1st, Nioa Kib P13
2nd, Nioa Petal P20 (ET)(P)
3rd, Nioa Diamond P11 (ET)(P)

Junior Champion Female
Nioa Kib P13
Reserve Junior Champion Female
Nioa Diamond P11 (ET)(P)

Senior and Grand Champion Female
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

Supreme Champion Santa Exhibit
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

1st Breeders Group:
Nioa Pace Setter P14
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)
Nioa Kib P13

Thank you to Pinedock Fitting Services for once again preparing and showing our cattle in such a professional manner, your dedication is second to none, well done James and Jane.

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