23 October 2017

Hello and welcome to the NIOA Pastoral Co. October monthly newsletter. Firstly, let us introduce ourselves. Stud owners Rob and Eliza Nioa, property manager Shannon Gardner and leading hand Mitchell Lollback. Here at Nioa Pastoral Co. we have made a firm commitment to the Santa breed and look to source, breed and promote our quality Santa Gertrudis cattle.

July and August saw us busy with preparations for the Ekka and our first showing of Wave Hill Jager progeny under the watchful eye of Scott Ferguson who went on to finish and exhibit two head for us. Although we came away without any ribbons we gained valuable experience and received some positive feedback.

October has also been busy with the start of an ET program, which as you know is very time consuming but rewarding. Thirty Angus cows were sourced as recips and are fitting in nicely. The world of AI and ET is ever expanding with new genetics available each year.

North Coast Nats 3

Goolagong Lucy L103 (AI)(P) received many ribbons.

North Coast Nats 1

The last four months have been disappointing with no rainfall until recently. We were not in a position of dire straits but many were. Full credit to the breeders who held sales in this period and presented a quality product, and to the buyers for their positive outlook on the future.

Until next time, take care.

Shannon Gardner

Property Manager

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