9 October 2017

September saw a well needed and most welcoming change in the weather here at Nioa Pastoral Co. with showers being recorded at the end of the month. It also saw the purchase of two females from Rosevale Santa Gertrudis at Jandowae. With Rosevale being one of the leading performance recording Santa Gertrudis herds in Australia we look forward to what these two females can do for our herd in the future.

Rosevale Jade F377 (P) was bought for $5000, being PTIC to the $14,000 top price bull from the 2015 Gyranda Santa Gertrudis sale, Gyranda Kung Fu K146 (PS). Rosevale Emilia L187 (P) was bought for $8500, being PTIC to Kuloomba Peter (P), the second top price Santa Gertrudis bull sold in 2016 for $57,000. We look forward to these exciting females calving down in the new year where they will subsequently enter our donor program.

We would also like to thank Scott Ferguson and his team for the opportunity to sell bulls in the 2017 Santa Central Sale. Records were equalled and a Wave Hill Jager J14 (PS) son was sold for $18,000.

Semen is available in Wave Hill Jager J14 (PS) Please contact us to purchase. We also still have some paddock bulls for sale so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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