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Bangalow Show


Excellent outing for NIOA at Bangalow Show.

12-16 mnths Bulls
1st - Nioa Prison Guard P25 (ET)(P)
3rd Nioa Poseidon P24(ET)(P)

Junior and Grand Champion Bull
Nioa Prison Guard P25 (ET)(P)

Female under 12 mths
1st - Nioa Poppy D P28 (P)

Female 12-16 mths
2nd - Nioa Petal P18 (ET)(P)

Reserve Junior Champion Female
Nioa Poppy D P28 (P)

Female 20-24 mths
1st - Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

Senior and Grand Champion Female
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

Surpreme Santa Gertrudis Exhibit
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

1st - Breeders Group
1st - Sires Progeny 

Surpreme Female Bangalow Show 2019
Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)

Friday Night
Battle Of The Breeds
Partnered with the Welbatch Stud we where awarded Champion Pair Of Females, Nioa Heaven Sent N09 (P)and Welbatch Tinkerbell

Pair Of Bulls
2nd - Nioa Poseidon P24 (ET)(P), Nioa Prison Gaurd P25 (ET)(P)

Pair Of Heifers
2nd - Nioa Petal P22 (ET)(P), Nioa Poppy D P28(P)

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